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About Us: For cultural tour and trekking to exotic Himalayan destinations

Welcome to Nepal and around Himalayan destinations of Tibet and Bhutan where Nepal Spirit Adventure will take care and help to plan your holiday. Nepal Spirit Adventure a native company run and managed by professional team of staff and guides. Established more than a decade with successful trips from the beginning of the company till present, we take pleasure in showing our guests the wonders of Himalaya with moderate to adventurous trekking,climbing peaks, cultural-historical and heritage tours including other adventure sports from rafting-mountain biking, country walks / hikes to jungle safari in...

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Who We Are

We are a group of honest, hard working people offering as much value as we possibly can to our valued clients. We are a long standing, highly skilled local base Nepal Trekking Agency leading by Ram Thapa Magar. Our team always appreciates the importance of team work and consists of professional trekking guides, experience mountaineering leaders and tour guides who have many years of experience in the allied sectors of the tourism industry in Nepal. All of our trekking and tour guides are trained by the Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management and are registered as...

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What is Our Spirit

Our team has very deep knowledge about Nepal Himalayas activities with diversity culture of Nepal. We give guaranteed advice to all travels with at reasonable prices and offer you the optimum satisfaction as we believe your satisfaction lies on ours satisfaction. We hearing the positive response from our past clients can assure to offer you an extra measurement to your experience, while keeping your itinerary flexible as per your time frame and interest. Travel with us you will discover the rich culture and tradition of the true Nepalese. Journey by us feel the majestic beauty and...

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What makes us different

Through our deep commitment to what we do, we have been able to achieve and maintain our guarantee of reliable services at reasonable prices. We offer a high quality service at a reasonable price. Our experienced trekking and mountaineering guides speak fluent English and are always keen to share the culture and traditions of the Nepalese with you. We look after our staff and provide full insurance cover for all our guides and porters. We can also offer you travel insurance if needed. Our porters carry a maximum of 25Kg. We add here...

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Why Nepal Spirit Adventure?

1. We Believe In Responsible Tourism. We are highly dedicated to responsible tourism. Nepal Spirit Adventure makes sure that our expeditions conform to policies which are socially, environmentally and culturally sound. We feel strongly that all our treks must protect the environment by minimizing pollution, respecting the local cultures and their traditions, religions and heritage, and benefiting local communities. We tread lightly. Low impact trekking/touring is the best way of preserving the beautiful and fragile places which we visit. Every year at least 10% of our company’s net profits are earmarked for reforestation efforts and educational programs in...

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Terms & Conditions

Agreement And Deceleration: Agreement & deceleration factor is very importation for our valuable guest, trekking and hiking, climbing and mountaineering in the remote part of Nepal Himalayas countries carries an inherent risk due to the weather cause injury and death, this is beyond our control. Always we do our best to reduce any kinds of risks and hazard to our capacity, no one knows still there are chances of accidents happening, and in this reason you must agree with our terms and conditions. Please kindly read the following booking terms and condition very carefully. Your Trip Booking...

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