Helicopter Tour in Nepal is one of the most admired ways to enjoy the spectacular views of Himalayas within a short period of time by riding a helicopter. Nepal Helicopter Tour is most effective suitable for those individuals travels that who have constrained time or are not fit enough to do the trek in Nepal Himalaya for long days because of the physical condition.

Nepal Helicopter Tour packages offer the best mountain views, city sightseeing, best countryside landscape, research tours, photography and filming tour in Nepal. It is also a wonderful trip for a honeymoon tour for newly married couple or special event with moment celebration in the remote part of the Himalayas with your beloved is the dream come true service

Why Helicopter Tour in Nepal is most popular? It is an alternative means of adventure journey in the mountain zone and other remote destinations. In addition to that, taking a Nepal Helicopter Flight Tour over the Himalaya is wonderful adventure lifetime experiences inclusive excellent and inspiring scenery, beautiful snow world’s highest mountain peak Everest 8,848m (Sagarmatha) fill this country as well as you get to feast on the impressive vistas of snow-capped mountains, quaint village settlement, and panoramic landscapes.

Nepal is the best tourism destination in the world with well-known by one of the travel sites. A small country in South Asia yet naturally and culturally rich, naturally beautiful Nepal provides you with many travel options such as Trekking, Climbing and Helicopter Tours. From the dramatic mountains, green foothill, and amazing landscapes, Nepal has it all. Thus, it is an inclusive package of natural beauty and cultural diversity.

We Nepal Spirit Adventure using Helicopter Tour in Nepal, here is a well –established Helicopter service industry in Nepal different types of Helicopters like powerful Russian-made MI-17 fit for transporting four tons of freight. The pilots of the Helicopter are trained and experienced experts with many flying hours experience in Nepal. The Helicopter service organizations have astounding reputations and demonstrated records for dependable emergency and rescue flight operations are also the major trip of Nepal Helicopter Tour.