Tour Nepal is a superb holiday destination where you can soak in its ancient culture, age-old traditions, and most of its historical and religious monuments listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Nepal with an area of147, 181 sq. km sandwiched between Tibet / China in the north and India in the South.

Nepal Tour starts from the ancient Himalayan capital in Kathmandu a moderate size valley surrounded by rolling green forested hills with snow-capped peaks towards the North, once a huge lake at present stands as one of the most charming cities, conjuring images of glorious and mysterious past, rich cultural heritage particularly the renowned ancient temples, Stupas and monasteries including old Durbar Marg (palace courtyard), its magical appearance draws world-wide visitors every year-delectable cuisine and authentic, warm people invites you to unbelievable hospitality.

Kathmandu is a lively business capital bordering other two old kingdoms Patan / Lalitpur and Bhaktapur city it's a fertile green valley surrounded by scenic-green rolling hills with snow-capped peaks towards the north. Tour in Nepal never ends as it extends beyond Kathmandu valley to its Mountain Viewpoints and resorts offering stunning sunrise and sunset views over an array of Himalayan peaks.

Nepal Tour Package leads to varied wide holiday destinations from the warm lowland of Nepal flatland Terai where deep green jungles are located, where you can join in safari on elephant backs on the lookout for wild-animals royal Bengal tiger, rhinoceros, and other wildlife to exotic birdlife.

Nepal Tour also includes Lumbini the birthplace of Lord Buddha’s light of Asia and many historical and cultural places of great importance, visitors are always occupied by Nepal's natural beauties as our tour leads to picturesque Pokhara city, renowned for its unique natural beauty and wealth of natural resources.

Nepal is a beautiful country Himalayan with its physical and environmental characteristics of the country forms an impressive range of Himalayan peaks with undulating hills and mountains dotted with farm villages and neat terraces.

Tour in Nepal leads you to exciting places with a touch of adventure for energetic people with our varied adventure sports from mountain biking-white water to scenic float or high spirit adventure Bungy Jumping-Cannoning waterfalls-Zip Flyer to Para Gliding and Ultralight flights. Whatever your choice and interests are? We have them all for you to enjoy in our ‘Tour in Nepal’ where our expert guides will show you the wonders of Nepal.