Terms & Conditions

Agreement And Deceleration

Agreement & deceleration factor is very importation for our valuable guest, trekking and hiking, climbing and mountaineering in the remote part of Nepal Himalayas countries carry an inherent risk due to the weather cause injury and death, this is beyond our control. Always we do our best to reduce any kind of risks and hazard to our capacity, no one knows still there are chances of accidents happening, and for this reason, you must agree with our terms and conditions. Please kindly read the following booking terms and conditions very carefully.

Your Trip Booking & Payments Process With Nepal Spirit Adventure

Your trips booking are made with Nepal Spirit Adventure Pvt. Ltd. Registered Company Number 88382/068/069 (Nepal Government certifies use the company) corporation office in Kathmandu, Thamel 29 Bhagawan Bahal, Amrit Marga street, Nepal. The term “Trip” used through website and booking condition refers to all the itineraries explained inside the website with each trip packages including those which might otherwise be known as Trekking and Hiking, Climbing and Mountaineering, Walking tours and Sightseeing and Rafting and Jungle Safari. You are requested to deposit 20% of the total amount a non-refundable booking for you're every trip booking confirmation per person.

Booking Deposit Can Be made by Bank Transfer |  Online Credit Card

(Visa/Master Card) all the information has been provided even as a proceeding of the booking form. The remaining balance will be made upon you arrived in Kathmandu, Nepal head office. If the final payment is not received until the day of your departure trip date from Kathmandu, the cancellation condition will apply as per the clause below. Final trip documentation will be released upon full payment.

Mode Of The Payment Option

Nepal Spirit Adventure Pvt. Ltd has made two methods of payment option for your trip booking; please kindly choose any of them for your comfort and suitable ways.

A. Payment By Bank Transfer
Beneficiary Bank- Himalayan Bank Limited
Beneficiary Company- Nepal Spirit Adventure Pvt. Ltd.
Current account No: 019 03977080014
Swift code: HIMANPKA

In case, necessary banking address: Karmachari Sanchaya Kosh Building Tridevi Marg, Thamel P.O. Box: 20590 Kathmandu Nepal. Telephone: 977 1 4227749, 4250201, Fax no: 977 1 4222800, Telex: 2789 HIBA NP, Swift HIMANPKA email: [email protected]

B. Payment By Online Master | Visa Debit Credit Card
With this using payment by Visa/Master Card/ American Express, you have to complete the card payment form (click here trip booking) with your card details according to the packages that you wish to book with us.

Trip Cancellation Policy

If you cancel your trip that you will loss of money you paid and applies to all canceled reservation. The date of trip cancellation is the date on which the written cancellation is received by Nepal Spirit Adventure Pvt. Ltd. The loss of pay is as follows, per person: 50 days or more prior to trip departure. If the cancellation made within the 7 days before trip departure you will lose full payment. No refund will be made if you voluntarily leave a trip for any season after the trip has begun. Refunds will be at the judgment of Nepal Spirit Adventure if you are involuntarily forced to leave a trip for any season. No refunds will be made for any accommodation, transportation, sightseeing, meals or services not utilized. Please note that these conditions are subject to change.

Guaranteed Trip Departure

While we made a trip reservation for the date of departure we do not cancels the trip even there are minimum people in a group due to the made trip cancelation by a number of the person we run the trip continuing.

Trip Change, Delay, Need to Cancels A Departure

If Nepal Spirit Adventure cancels a trip departure which is guaranteed to run we will refund the trip price, plus you are permitted to take an alternative trip of the same value without charge. A provision to this Nepal Spirit Adventure reserves the right to cancel any trip, including a guaranteed trip, prior to departure due to reason beyond its control (natural disaster-landslides, floods, avalanches, flight cancel, consequences of strikes, industrial action, wars, riots, sickness, quarantine, government intervention, weather conditions or other untoward occurrences). In such a case: Nepal Spirit Adventure will refund the trip price only.

Risk & Liability

We are committed to providing the best services and providing you with a once in a lifetime journey. We perform our duties honestly and seriously to make your journey as problem-free and pleasant as possible. However, we can’t control every aspect of life in Nepal. We are subject to rules and regulations of the government and respectful of the natural forces in our Himalayan country. Therefore Nepal Spirit Adventure and its related organization do not accept liability for unavoidable circumstances such as bad weather, landslides, floods, avalanches, epidemics, Government restrictions, road blockages, heavy snowfall, political unrest, delays, cancellation of flight, sickness or accident, etc. any extra costs incurred as a result of unavoidable circumstances shall be paid by the client.

Your Travel Insurance

To join one of our trip holidays that you are insured against medical and personal accident risks. This insurance must include medical coverage, air ambulance, and helicopter rescue services. We also strongly recommend that you take out cancellation insurance. You should be aware that some policies do not include, or restrict, cover for this type of travel. You must ensure that the policy you do take provides an adequate level of protection and covers you for the activities involved. You must carry proof of insurance (e.g. your insurance certificate) with you on the holiday; if you can’t provide this at the start of the holiday, you will be required to take out a suitable policy at that time.

If this not done or impossible for practical reason, then you will not be allowed to continue with your trip and will not be entitled to any refund for services not provided. Or if you are not able to get your medical and evacuation insurance please contact at our insurance recommended page: http://www.theuiaa.org/federations.php these federation are a very good starting point for getting information about available insurance cover which includes evacuation up to very high altitudes and we do not advise to get Insurance here in Kathmandu.

Passport & Visas

We extremely suggested you must carry a valid passport and have obtained the appropriate visas when traveling with Nepal Spirit Adventure. Please ensure your passport is valid for 5 months beyond the duration of the trip. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are in control of the correct visas for the countries you are traveling to. Nepal Spirit Adventure cannot accept responsibility if you are refused entry to a country of places because you lack the correct visa documentation.

Your Holiday Trip Condition

When booking on with Nepal Spirit Adventure trip, you should understand that we run adventure trips, where accommodation, transport, safety, hygiene, telecommunication facilities, level of infrastructure development and medical facilities are not the same that you are used to at home or would find on a conventional holiday. This type of holiday naturally grips a high level of personal risk, which you agree to fully trust.

Health & Fitness

All our tours, treks, mountaineering and climbing expeditions require at least a basic level, and in some cases a high level of fitness. You should always check with your local Doctor regarding your health and fitness before you travel, it is the client’s responsibility to notify Nepal Spirit Adventure Pvt. Ltd. Any pre-existing medical condition and/or disability that might reasonably be expected to increase the risk of you requiring medical attention while on your trip may affect your ability to travel.

Alteration Of Tour Cost

Nepal Spirit Adventure Pvt. Ltd. Reserve the right to revise prices posted on our website at any time in response to any unforeseen circumstances or due to the pressure of various external factors that are beyond our control e.g. sudden changes in exchange rates, government action, etc. However, we will make every effort to maintain the published price.

Be Responsible With Your Trip

The bad weather in the mountain region can be affected by domestic flight delays, particularly in the Everest trek region, Jomsom, Kanchenjunga and Dolpo regions in Nepal. In the adventure of delayed domestic flights, Nepal Spirit Adventure will meet departing city accommodation and food prior to your trip, and accommodation and food costs on a normal trip basis for delayed return flights. Nepal Spirit Adventure reserves the right to reroute treks or use road transport for extended delays without any impact on the trip cost. Nepal Spirit Adventure does not accept any responsibility for costs incurred as a result of missed international flight connection but will assist to make alternative arrangements what is a possibility with extra costs.

Client Responsibility

Tour/trek guide who represents Nepal Spirit Adventure has complete authority during your trip. If you commit any unlawful act, you will be obliged to leave the tour. No refund will be made in such a case.

Be Confident with Terms And Condition

Above with these terms and condition of all agreements made with the management of company shall be subject to and government by Nepalese law, when making your booking you have read and agreed to the booking terms and condition and abides by them and you understand what is concerned in participating with Nepal Spirit Adventure in your chosen trip.

Factors Affecting Your Comfort

We put all our effort into ensuring that you travel comfortable but it is important to understand that Himalayan country cannot afford facilities like the ones you might be accustomed to in more rich countries. Weather is another important and sometimes random factor that directly affects comfort on your journey. Hence, patience and understanding, passion for life, eagerness and proper preparation are all very important personal qualities that you must bring with you.

Your Privacy

During the trip booking process, we have to ask you many questions in order to collect necessary information from you to obtain permits and arrange your trip. No private or personal information that you supply to us will be used at any other time, for any other purposes nor will it be disclosed to third parties.