Nepal Travel Guide

Nepal Travel Guide helps every traveler to know about the place, location, transportation, accommodation, culture, custom, vegetation, climate, altitude different from sea level, food, and festival and how to respect their cultural heritage. The person got birth on this planet who has never ever got a holiday visit to Nepal please just look up Google house of the world can find any information according to your needs.

We are Nepal based travel and trekking company that has been organizing outdoor adventure activities for 23 years of decades of experience. While we started our journey from grassroots were happy to share our Nepal Travel Guide experience to others about Trekking in Nepal Himalaya, Transportation, Accommodation, Domestic Flight reservation, Foods, Restaurant, Shopping Point, Climate Zone, Flora Fauna, and Thing to Do in Nepal.

Every season international tourists and domestic tourists visit their sports point with their pleasant happy holiday to feels enjoyment take a rest, share different atmospheres but remember Nepal is a small country its gift by natural paradise where all visitors can enjoy as per their require attraction Nepal holidays.

Our Nepal Travel Guide is known by information book can also help you before traveling to Nepal what is need to read as advance reservation booking. We hope Nepal Travel Guide helps you to know Things to Do in Nepal highlight as well as how we have an ability guide to you all before traveling to Nepal. N=Never, E=Ending, P=peace, A= And, L= Love.

  • Why Nepal Spirit Adventure

    1. We Believe In Responsible TourismWe are highly dedicated to responsible tourism. Nepal Spirit Adventure makes sure that our expeditions conform to policies that are socially, environmentally, and culturally sound. We ...

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  • Your Tailor-Made Holiday

    Nepal Spirit Adventure specializes in assisting travelers to have wide-ranging experiences in Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, and India. Our team is committed to providing the best information and advice to travelers ...

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  • Nepal Festivals

    Nepal is not only the land of the mountains; it is also the land of festivals. There are more than 50 festivals celebrated in Nepal every year. While the national ...

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  • Flora And Fauna

    Nepal is a paradise place for flora & fauna ranging from the subtropical forests of the Terai to the great peaks of the Himalayas in the north, Nepal abounds with ...

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  • People And Customs

    The population of Nepal is recorded to be about 28 million. 86% of Nepalis follow Hinduism, while eight percent follow Buddhism and three percent follow Islam. The population comprises various ...

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  • Nepal Weather

    The best trekking season in Nepal extends from mid-September to May. However, within this period, some months have better weather than others. From early September the monsoon rains decrease. By ...

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  • Visa Information

    All foreign nationals, except Indian citizens, need visas to enter Nepal. Nepalese visas can be obtained from the Nepal Embassy or consulate in your home country or it can also ...

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  • How to Enter Nepal

    Traveling By AirTravelers/Trekkers can fly directly or indirectly to Kathmandu which is the capital of Nepal and is served by direct flights to/ from London, Paris, Frankfurt, Vienna, Amsterdam, Doha, ...

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