Lobuche Peak Climbing Equipment List

We are please to request you whom are booking Lobuche peak climbing with Nepal Spirit Adventure experience crew. We recommend following climbing equipments are necessary for climbing of Lobuche peak and you can buy or even hire in Kathmandu after your arrival in Kathmandu.

Lobuche Peak Climbing Equipment List:

  1. Plastic Boot    a pair
  2. Crampons    a pair
  3. Ice Axe     one
  4. Harness    one
  5. Carabineer or Karabiner  two each
  6. Snow Gaiters    a pair
  7. Snow / Sun Glass    one each
  8. Warm Gloves    a pair
  9. Wind Proof Jacket & Trouser.  a set each
  10. Down Jacket    one each
  11. Down sleeping bags   one each with inner linear
  12. Main Ropes    200m ( 50m per person) as per the peak chosen
  13. Snow Bar    2 / 4 pieces depending upon group size
  14. Ski Pole (optional