Nepal Peak Climbing Equipment List

Climbing equipments are very important and compulsory for all adventure peak climbing seekers, before departure to Island peak climbing from Kathmandu. It is advised that we consider the following equipment as requisites.Nepal Spirit Adventure will provide you with a comprehensive list of the required peak climbing for your chosen trek, as well as clothing you need to bring to cater for both the warmth of the days and the chill of the nights.

While trekking during the day at lower altitudes, lightweight trekking trousers and T-shirts are recommended, it's always a good idea to carry a waterproof jacket and some dry warmer clothing with you as mountain weather is notoriously unpredictable. For the cold nights, thermal underwear, a warm fleece jacket and even a down jacket will help to keep you warm.

Adjustments to the list can be managed according to our requirement. We can find variety of these gears to hire or buy in Kathmandu. Majority of the gears which are in sale in Kathmandu are locally manufactured or imported other country. Very high quality branded gears can also be bought in some famous stores in Kathmandu. Even possible hiring with them and we recommends the following climbing equipment, cross check this list when you are packing.

  1. Plastic Climbing Boots
  2. Ice Axe
  3. Ice Hammer
  4. Crampons
  5. Harness
  6. Gaiters
  7. Over Boots / Super Gaiters
  8. Karabiners Regular
  9. Ascenders ( Jumar)
  10. Descenders ( Figure of 8 )
  11. Snow Bar / Stakes
  12. Ice Screws
  13. Shovel
  14. Chock Set
  15. Friends Set
  16. MSR Stoves
  17. EPI Gas Burner
  18. Cooking Set
  19. 2" Foam Mattresses
  20. Karrimats
  21. Sleeping Bag     Gortex Gloves
  22. Booties
  23. Snow Goggles
  24. Water Bottles
  25. Fuel Bottles
  26. Ski Sticks (telescopic)
  27. Ski Sticks (normal)
  28. Helmets
  29. Gamow Bag
  30. Medical Oxygen with mask and regulator
  31. Main Rope for climbing ( 45/50m.)
  32. Karabiners ( with screw gate)
  33. Tents A frame for Trekking
  34. Tents Dome for climbing
  35. Day Pack
  36. Ruck Sack
  37. Rock Climbing Shoes
  38. Sleeping ( Nylon)
  39. Down Jackets
  40. Inner Sheet