First Aid Kit

Vaseline Facial tissues Dark sunglasses  Ban Aid Toilet papers
Glare protection Cotton Rubber bands Cough drop Bandage roll
Small plastic bag Chopstick Dettol /Listerine Cologne Antiseptic
Vicks Mouth Freshness Candles/Lighter Cologne Antiseptic
Face Masks Body lotion Nose Inhaler Dust cover Mustard Oil
In addition to above one should carry glucose-based items [mints, toffees, and mini chocolate bars for periodical consumption at high altitudes for energy. Multi vitamins and vitamin-C tablets are required for daily consumption as a routine. Make a separate pouch for the First Aid Kit with a list of Medicine and their appropriate usage. Saving is not advisable since any cut or bruise may not heal quickly and may irritate with nagging discomfort.


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