Responsible Travel

Environmental Issues

Wherever we operate tours and organize treks, the protection of our delicate environment is our first concern. Nepal Spirit Adventure is conscious of the need to preserve and conserve the past achievements of our associates and to hand over, unspoiled, all the natural and cultural assets that we benefit from, to the next generation so they can also prosper.

As our lives revolve around the mountains and valleys, we feel an enormous responsibility to protect and preserve all of our natural and cultural resources. We adhere to the principles of Eco-Trekking, making sure that all our activities and those of our clients are sustainable and have a positive impact on the Nepalese people, a minimal impact on the environment, and are supportive of local economies, while at the same time ensuring you have unforgettable travel experience.

We cook using kerosene or LPG gas and bring back all non-biodegradable items used on all trips. As we are also an active member of Keep (Kathmandu Environmental Education Project) we are organizing Eco-Tourism workshops in association with them to spread awareness of the need to protect our delicate environment and the indigenous cultures of the Himalayan land of Nepal.

Porter's Children's Education Fund

Nepal still has problems with education, which is so very important. Our children's education is the foundation on which their lives and the future of Nepal are built. We are committed to giving back to the communities we work with, therefore Nepal Spirit Adventure gives 05% of its profits to various social initiatives including the Porter’s Children's education fund. We welcome anyone interested in giving a kind contribution to our mission to provide a better education for Nepalese children.

Staff welfare Porter Protection Policy

We believe in taking responsibility and caring for all of our staff, from Trek Leaders to Sherpa, Cooks, and Porters. We ensure good pay, life insurance, helicopter evacuation if required, as well as the equipment and clothing needed for porters and each member of staff. Nepal Spirit Adventure has fulfilled all the standards set by IPPG (International Porter Protection Group) for the welfare and safety of all its porters and is committed to improving their livelihoods.

They are our kith and kin as well as the backbone of trekking in Nepal. No wonder all of the staff including porters want to work for us over and over again. We have set some visible guiding standards, which we are applying in our trips as a Porter Protection Policy.

  • Superior and fair working wages.
  • Fair weight limit not more than 25 kilos.
  • The same standard of medical care for the Porters-trek guide as other climbing staff.
  • Arrangement of Food and Accommodation.
  • Accident medical insurance.
  • No porter is asked to return from the middle of a trek.
  • We provide required trekking gear for all the porters like Gortex wind & waterproof jackets and trousers, fleece jackets, mattresses & blankets or sleeping bags, warm woolen hats, woolen gloves, woolen socks, trekking shoes/boots, sunglasses, etc.
  • If any porter gets sick and we need to send him back, we never send him alone but always with someone who speaks his language and understands the problem.
  • Sufficient financial support will be provided to a sick porter and helper to cover the cost of their return and treatment.