Lower Dolpo Trekking

  • 19 Day(s)
  • Strenuous
  • 5190m | 17023ft
  • US$2790

Lower Dolpo Trekking

Lower Dolpo trekking offers us actual life time adventurers an off the beaten trail experience and located in the central west Himalayan in Nepal. Entire the Dolpo region is well known by rain shadow behind the Dhaulagiri massive, towards the Tibetan plateau.

Lower dolpo trek route was opened for the foreigner in1990 even now we need to have a special permit to do this Lower Dolpo trekking. 19days lower dolpo trek is surrounding by very rich flora and fauna of popular shey-Phoksundo National park into the Lower Dolpo trek is remote and rugged protected region, both scenically and culturally eye-catching.

Trek to Lower Dolpo area, we will have great opportunity to discover experience ancient and isolated villages, many snowy peaks, high passes trekking trail rich wildlife, enough Buddhist monuments and beautiful lake soaked with immense beautiful scenery of green landscapes in the backdrop of snow capped peaks of Kagmara and Dhaulagiri range crossing high and scenic passes of Baga-la and Numa-la of above 5,309m.

Dolpo trek is renowned as the barren hidden valley, where trekkers will be overwhelmed by the remarkable village, most of which are land of mystery, panorama and harmony. Time has stood still here for centuries as inhabitants of Tibetan stock continue to live, cultivate and trade the way they have done for hundred of year.

This trek is naturally isolated the difficult topography and offer huge opportunity to meet the nomadic people and their culture with lifestyle far almost untouched and unexposed. During the lower Dolpo trekking we will pass one of the deepest Himalayan lake named the "Phoksundo” beautiful turquoise blue water, watch the yak caravans that maintain the traditional salt trade with Tibet.

Dolpo trek region lies further north from the Dhaulagiri Range in the rain shadow of the Himalayas - reflected in the colorful barren slopes of the mountains where they play of light and shadow is a perpetual fascinating spectacle.

In summer, the caravans of yaks and sheep run through this valley on a trade route through the Himalayas and allows the exchange not only goods but also of ideas between the Tibetan plateau and the valleys of Nepal.

On lower dolpo trekking while we will enter the Shey Phoksundo Lake & National park we may encounter and can be seen blue sheep, Himalayan black bear, leopard, wolves and the exclusive snow leopard, mountain goat, Jackal.

Experience lower dolpo trekking equipment leads through the ancient Tibetan salt caravan path and high passes such a Numa La (5,190m), Baga La (5,070m) and Kagmara La (4,800m) and other very distant of the country.

We can start lower Dolpo trek, after your arrive in Kathmandu, discover around historical full of monuments cultural tour in Kathmandu valley  then we take flight to Jhupal via Nepalgunj explore the lower part of Dolpo areas collect the very experience the high altitude tundra and rocks and the microclimate of Lower Dolpo and Phoksundo with cold air the glacier of Kanjiroba then continue trek back to Jhupal from where we again catch a flight to Nepalgunj with connecting flight back to Kathmandu.

Outline Itinerary

Day 01 : Arrival in Nepal (Kathmandu 1,315m/4,314ft) transfer to hotel

Day 02 : In Kathmandu with sightseeing tour afternoon fly to Nepalgunj

Day 03 : Fly to Jhupal (2,475m/8,005ft) then drive to Dunai (2,140m/7020ft) 2 hours

Day 04 : Dunai to Chhepka (2,838m/9,311ft) 6 hours

Day 05 : Chepka to Samdua village (2,960m/9,711ft) 6 hours trek

Day 06 : Samdua village to Phoksumdo lake (3,630m/11,909) 6 hours

Day 07 : Rest day at Phoksumdo lake for local excursion

Day 08 : Phoksundo to Temche (3,995m/13,106ft) near Ghuchun Khola 5 hours

Day 09 : Cross Baga-La (5,169m/16,958ft) overnight at Danigar (4,512m/14,803ft) 6-7 hours

Day 10 : Cross Numa-La (5,309m/17,417ft) overnight at phedi 6-7 hours

Day 11 : Trek to Tokyu Gaon (4,209m/13809ft) via Khanger 6-7 hours

Day 12 : Tokyu Gaon to Dho Tarap 3,944m/12939ft) 5 -6 hours

Day 13 : Dho Taram to Ghyamgar (3,759m/12,332ft) 7 hours

Day 14 : Ghyamgar to Tarap Khola (3,652/11,981ft) via Chhyugar 3,440m 6 hours

Day 15 : Tarap Khola to Tarakot (2,540m/8,333) 5-6 hours

Day 16 : Trek to Dunai 5 hrs then drive to Jhupal 2 hours jeep ride

Day 17 : Fly to Kathmandu via Nepalgunj and transfer to hotel

Day 18 : In Kathmandu free day with optional tour

Day 19 : Final departure for homeward bound or to respective countries

Booking and Departure Dates

Departure Note

Our Lower Dolpo group trek departs weekly from Kathmandu. Private treks can be arranged any time of the year. If our set departure dates are not convenient for you, you may choose alternate departures dates. Private treks are best suited for couples, families, work colleagues and small groups of friends. Customized itineraries are available as per your travel needs.

Trip Note

Above the trip Itinerary, if could not help your needs, we can design a tailor- made itinerary to suit your needs do email us whatever you would like to make it shorter or longer here we are ready all the time contact your travel agent in "Nepal at Nepal Spirit Adventure"

Trips Important

In some circumstances we could face problem of domestic flights to/from Nepalgunj delayed by few hours or canceled for a day or more because of bad weather. Very rarely, but it could happen even in best trekking season also as you know how climate change is effecting our globe. Thus, we always recommend you to add supplement night/s in Kathmandu after your trek if possible (just for incase). If everything runs smoothly, you can enjoy other activities like sightseeing, rafting, wildlife activities, shopping, as you wish in those additional day. However, if you want Heli rescue in the state of flight cancellation to/from Nepalgunj-we can organize it.

Day 01Arrival in Nepal (Kathmandu 1,315m/4,314ft) transfer to hotelOn arrival in Kathmandu international airport received by Nepal Spirit guide or staff with a transfer to respective hotels downtown in the hub of Kathmandu city, after checking in and refreshment our guide provides briefing of the hotels, Kathmandu, culture includes information on Lower Dolpo Trekking with welcome dinner in a nice authentic Nepalese restaurant with folk and culture show.
Included meal: Welcome dinner

Day 02In Kathmandu with sightseeing tour afternoon fly to NepalgunjMorning in Kathmandu with interesting sightseeing tour where our city and cultural guide leads you to fascinating places, as Kathmandu is steeped with historical places full of world heritage sites as the tour includes visit of old Durbar square with ancient temples and palaces with time tour of Swayambhunath one of the oldest landmark of Nepal a high Stupa perched on a hillock west of the valley. After sightseeing tour back to hotel for refreshment, afternoon as per the flight time to Nepalgunj city transfer to domestic airport for the flight to Far South West Nepal at Nepalgunj. Nepalgunj located near India border, during 50 minutes flight panorama of Himalayan Mountains, from Nepalgunj airport transfer to respective hotels for overnight stop.
Included meal: Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Day 03Fly to Jhupal (2,475m/8,005ft) then drive to Dunai (2,140m/7020ft) 2 hoursEarly breakfast for another short connecting flight to Jhupal in Dolpo, on reaching Jhupal after 40 minutes on air, received by our trekking staff that has traveled here taking a long overland drive and walks, from Jhupal at present a motor road has been constructed connecting Dunai the main headquarter town of Dolpo area. From Jhupal a short drive of more than an hour ride to Dunai for overnight stop, in the comfort of nice local lodge, afternoon walk around Dunai town an interesting place to observe its culture and way of daily life.
Included meal: Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Day 04Dunai to Chhepka (2,838m/9,311ft) 6 hoursAfter overnight in Dunai, morning walk past market crossing a bridge over Thulo Bheri River and then climb over a ridge to Phoksumdo River valley with views of Kagmara peak, from here trek leads downhill passing farm villages with walnut trees close to a stream at Dhera, a small cattle herders settlements, from here a short climb to Rahagaon village of Thakuri a Hindu local tribe, then downhill walk into forested area to reach overnight camp at Chhepka a small farm village.
Included meal: Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Day 05Chepka to Samdua village (2,960m/9,711ft) 6 hours trek From Chhepka near Ankhe area, morning walk with short climb and descend through forest reaching a river bank, from here climb on leaving the forest, from the top walk downhill to forested area leading upstream to cross a small bridge at Ryajik village, trek further to Samdua for overnight stop near the entrance of Phoksumdo National Park.
Included meal: Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Day 06Samdua village to Phoksumdo lake (3,630m/11,909) 6 hoursMorning walk leads to our first destination at Phoksumdo Lake after Pungmo Kholas valley and crossing streams, following Pungmo Khola downhill into pine and birch trees to reach at upper side of Phoksumdo Khola, after a short break continue walk to Ringmo village, an interesting village of Tibetan origin with mud plastered chortens and Mani (prayer) walls. From here a short walk to Phoksumdo Lake for overnight camp by the shore of beautiful turquoise Phoksumdo Lake.
Included meal: Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Day 07Rest day at Phoksumdo lake for local excursionAn ideal spot for rest day, marvel the beautiful views of surrounding landscapes and peaks of Kagmara, or visit interesting Ringmo village and walk by the lake side.
Included meal: Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Day 08Phoksundo to Temche (3,995m/13,106ft) near Ghuchun Khola 5 hoursAfter an enjoyable and interesting time at Ringmo village and Phoksumdo Lake, today’s walk leads to other side of Dolpo area heading east by an alternative way crossing few passes of Baga-la and Numa-la. Morning walk leads past Muduwa village and the stream of Muduwa on a valley gorge to reach a small grazing area at Temche for overnight stop near Ghuchun Khola (stream).
Included meal: Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Day 09Cross Baga-La (5,169m/16,958ft) overnight at Danigar (4,512m/14,803ft) 6-7 hoursStarting the morning walk on a pleasant and gradual trail and then leading uphill to cross over Baga-la at 5,169 meters high, with steep climb for about near 3 hours to reach the top of the pass, the top offers panorama of Phoksumdo lake and Kagmara peaks, after catching great views a long descend to our overnight camp at Danigar or Phedi, meaning base or a bottom of the hills and passes.
Included meal: Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Day 10Cross Numa-La (5,309m/17,417ft) overnight at phedi 6-7 hours Morning walk leads to another pass Numa-la South at 5,309 meters, the highest spot of this adventure, climb on nice grassy slopes for about three hours then reaching at the top of Numa-la with impressive views of Dhaulagiri mountain range to Kagmara peak and looking down at beautiful valleys and surrounding dramatic landscapes, after an enjoyable moment descend to the base of this high pass, then with few hours of good walk on gradual path to reach our overnight camp on a summer pasture fields at the base or Phedi.
Included meal: Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Day 11Trek to Tokyu Gaon (4,209m/13809ft) via Khanger 6-7 hoursFrom the base Numa-la, morning starts with steep climb to reach top of a small ridge with views of massive Mt. Dhaulagiri range, from here a long descend to Modo valley, time permitting visit the monastery, here the trail from Upper Dolpa joins. After Modo and Khanger few hours of good walk to Tokyugaon for overnight, this is one of the most impressive and interesting village of Dolpa area, consist of more than ten villages and nice tended farm fields with old impressive monasteries.
Included meal: Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Day 12Tokyu Gaon to Dho Tarap 3,944m/12939ft) 5 -6 hours After Tokyugaon, morning starts with downhill walk towards Tarap Chu on broader green valley, this is one of the scenic wide valleys with lots of Sheppard’s settlements of Yaks and Sheep, and walk continues to our overnight camp at Dho Tarap, this is another interesting village with mix tribes of Tibetans origin and Magar hill tribe people.
Included meal: Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Day 13Dho Taram to Ghyamgar (3,759m/12,332ft) 7 hoursFrom here a long descend to Tarap valley, one of the largest and longest valley of Dolpo area which is about 20 k.m. which stretches following Tarap Chu River most of the way to joins with Thuli Bheri River near Tarakot village, walk leads past Langa with beautiful cascading waterfalls heading due south following the trail after Sisaul and small place of Kesila around Yak herders temporary camps to reach our overnight camp at Ghyamgar.
Included meal: Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Day 14Ghyamgar to Tarap Khola (3,652/11,981ft) via Chhyugar 3,440m 6 hoursToday walks on Tarap nice valley, as the trail enter into a narrow gorge with some vegetation of bushes of juniper and wild rose, walk leads past Toltol with a large overhanging cave, around this area might see some wild life like Naur or Blue Sheep and other animals. As the walk progress reaching a confluence of River Tarap Chu and Lang Khola, overnight camp by the river after a long day walk of about 6 hours.
Included meal: Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Day 15Tarap Khola to Tarakot (2,540m/8,333) 5-6 hoursStart morning walk passing smaller villages and then into a small wooded area, following river all the way at Tarakot, a large and interesting village with old history and well maintained terraced farm fields, Tarakot with an old historical fortress (Dzong or Kot) guarding the village. Tarakot village houses famous old Sandul Gomba located at junction of Barbung Khola and Tarap Chu River where the overnight camp is placed.
Included meal: Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Day 16Trek to Dunai 5 hrs then drive to Jhupal 2 hours jeep ride After a great time at Tarakot, our last day walk leads to Dunai for short while and then taking a short drive to Jhupal for the flight back to Kathmandu. Morning starts following many spread out villages and farmers huts, walking on wider trail with some short uphill and downhill towards Thuli Bheri River valley to reach at Dunai, on reaching Dunai time permitting having lunch. From here jeeps drive to Jhupal to catch our next morning flight to Nepalgunj.
Included meal: Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Day 17Fly to Kathmandu via Nepalgunj and transfer to hotelMorning board on a smaller aircraft for short flight to Nepalgunj, on reaching Nepalgunj, transfer to another flight back to Kathmandu with views of mountains during 50 mins flight, on reaching Kathmandu transfer to your hotels.
Included meal: Breakfast Dinner

Day 18In Kathmandu free day with optional tourNepal Spirit Adventure reserves this spare and free day in Kathmandu as contingency in case of flight delay and cancellation which can occur sometimes due to bad weather condition, if all goes well according to our itinerary days, on this day you can join in our optional tour to medieval period city of Bhaktapur which is east from Kathmandu city, visit of great old palace square and temples. After a great time with enjoyable tour of Bhaktapur a short drive to Patan / Lalitpur means city of arts, here visit of old palace and beautiful temples and work of art. Enjoying lovely tour and then the day ends with a drive back to your hotel for last night dinner and celebration, after an overwhelming and memorable time around Nepal Far West on Dolpo trekking.
Included meal: Breakfast

Day 19Final departure for homeward bound or to respective countriesAfter wonderful memorable time on Lower Dolpo & Phuksumdo trekking with grand service of Nepal Spirit Adventure, as per the flight time transfer to international air terminal for your departure towards homeward bound or to next respective countries.
Included meal: Breakfast

What is Included

  • All arrival and departure by private vehicle.
  • Four night 3star hotel in Kathmandu included breakfast.
  • Domestic flight: Kathmandu to Nepalgunj to Jhupal to Kathmandu
  • Experience English speaking guide including his daily wages flights, insurance and equipment.
  • Honest strong local porter including his daily wages insurance and equipment (1 porter: 2trekkers)
  • Special lower dolpo trekking permit and TIMS cards.
  • Phoksundo national park permit.
  • Trekking meal: Breakfast Lunch Dinner and tea/coffee.
  • Trekking equipments: Sleeping bags and down jacket.
  • Travel and rescue arrangements.
  • Nepal Spirit Adventure medical kit bag.
  • Welcome and farewell dinner.
  • All the government and local taxes.

What is Not Included

  • Personal expenses such as laundry, bar bills, battery recharge, extra porters bottled or boiled water, shower, heater and phone calls etc.
  • Nepalese visa fee. You can get at your arrival in Kathmandu.
  • Travel insurance & Rescue operation.
  • Personal trekking equipment.
  • Tips for guide and porters.
  • Food and extra nights in a hotel in Kathmandu (due to an early return from a trek, or an extended stay in Nepal).
  • Additional trips or tours in Kathmandu.
  • International flight tickets.
  • Excess baggage charges.

Trip Facts

Destination: Nepal

Trip Cost: $2790 per person

Trek/Tour Style: Lodge | Camping

Activities: Trekking/Adventure

Accommodation: Hotel | Lodge & Camping

Transportation: Domestic flight | private vehicle

Group Size: Min.02 Max14

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