If you are just engaged and looking for a Honeymoon package trip? Let’s make a plan and visit Nepal the natural paradise place for your Honeymoon. While many people are getting engaged and married it is the biggest moment in their life. It is a time when they commit themselves to each other for a life full of joy and happiness, learning and growing together. The Honeymoon is a time to relax and enjoy each other’s company as the couple embarks on their new life of exploring new unique natural places together.

For many people a Honeymoon consists of a trip to a beach resort or a fancy hotel in the city, why not expand your horizons and journey to an exotic, beautiful and culturally rich country like Nepal. Here, together you can go on an amazing journey of self-discovery and surround yourselves in stunning natural beauty, rich and ancient culture and life-changing experiences. At Nepal Spirit Adventure, we have put together some honeymoon packages for you so you can relax while taking in the atmosphere and romanticism of some of Nepal’s old heritage and quaint towns and villages.

We Nepal spirit tailor the trips to allow the couple to have quite private moments viewing the stunning mountain peaks laugh and have fun together while riding elephants through the jungle or to share each other’s fears and exhilaration while paragliding. We specialize in treks of various lengths and difficulties, as well as provide you with the opportunity to do all sorts of activities from cultural sightseeing, to white water rafting, from jungle safaris to street market shopping! Throughout the trip you will be staying in the best possible accommodations, using private transport and everything will be taken care of by our experienced guides, who’ll be there when you need them and discreetly out of the way when you don’t.

We take pride at Nepal Spirit Adventure in arranging this highly personal and deeply special trip for newly married couples, we understand the importance of the moment and that a Honeymoon can make or break a marriage. We want to plan for you and share with you the moments that are going to forge a long and beautiful life together for you as a couple. Our itineraries can be customized to suit any length of time as well as your personal sense of adventure because it’s our promise to give you an unforgettable experience