Everest Base Camp Trek in February

  • Mar 28, 2022
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  • Cold weather but the mountain view is clear.
  • Less crowded, peaceful environment to Mt. Everest base camp at 5,364m. 
  • Comfortable accommodation is available at a reasonable price
  • Requirement winter equipment hike to EBC

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Trekking to Mt. Everest base camp in the month of February will be a very quiet season due to the winter. Most of the trek routes in the Everest region covers by snowfall. If you are well prepared for snow and cold weather, the clear views and quiet trails make February an appealing to trek in the Everest region- and even you could do it all the way to Everest Base Camp.


The weather in February month will be very cold along the Everest base camp trek, by later in the month the mercury rises. The temperatures in the mountains remain low and snow will stick around, but winter is on its way out. In Namche Bazaar (11,290 feet/ 3440 meters) the average February temperature is 43*F (6*C) which isn’t too cold, but certainly not warm. If you’re trekking later in the month, you may encounter some surprisingly pleasant days, skies are also very clear, and also can see beautiful mount views along with the Everest Base Camp Trail in February.

Accommodation & Crowded

Everest trek in February is winter season is the low season, it should be easy to get a bed in the teahouse that is open along with the Everest Base Camp or whole Everest trek region. However, be aware that some close for the winter, so you won’t have as many accommodation options to choose from as you would in the busy season. While you are trekking with local experience trek guise knows which places remain open, and will find you appropriate accommodation.

Due to the February is off for trek but it is peaceful time to do foothill adventure trip to Mt. Everest base camp at 5,364m. The trekking trails are much less crowded than in the peak months of October of March/April. This means no random strangers in your mountain photos and less jostling for space at viewpoints and you will enjoy the trek yourself very much.

Suggested Routes

The February season is winter, some higher-elevation treks are not suggested because of cold temperature and snowfall. Treks that require crossing high passes (such as the Three Passes Trek) are likely to be snowbound, although this can also happen during the more popular seasons as well.

During February, a better do trek below 13,000 feet would also be more comfortable and safer. If you have a lot of experience trekking in cold temperatures and at high altitudes, you would like to do trek thru farce snowfall walk with beautiful clear sky and lovely mountain view this month also can be fit for your body,

The view is likely to be spectacular at this time of year and you could do Everest view trek is easy and low high altitude trek and could visit Tyangboche monastery for better mountain views. Another best option will be to trek to Everest base camp return back to Kathmandu by helicopter.

What to Bring

You should be fully well prepared about the cold clothes, if you are targeting a trip to Mt. Everest base camp during the February month and you have to take a warm (-20* F) sleeping bag for the night although many teahouses provide blankets. We could feel the day is warm even at higher altitudes area you will still need to trek in warm clothes, so bring a warm jacket.

Warm clothes for the evening and night are also essential, as well as good woolen hats, gloves, socks, and scarves, almost all the winter ebc trek equipment can be bought or rented at trekking shops in Thamel, Kathmandu, in case you don’t have your own winter trekking gear and don’t need it at home. Visit our recommended ebc trek equipment for your wonderful Everest base camp trek in February.

Getting There & Away

One of the best and quickest ways of getting to the Everest region at any time of year is to fly from Kathmandu to Lukla. While rain is less likely to cause delays and cancellations in February than in some other months, Kathmandu does experience fog in the winter, though less to later in February. This has the potential to disrupt flights to or from Lukla, even if the condition in the mountains is good.

Events in February

We can find most of the people of the Everest region are primarily Sherpa and follow Tibetan Buddhism. They do not usually celebrate the same festivals as Hindu Nepalese in Kathmandu and other hill areas. Remember that February is a good month for festivals in Kathmandu and some other parts of Nepal, with Maha Shivaratri and Holi (the festival of spring) often held in late February and sometime early March.

While you probably won’t see these celebrated in the Everest region, if your trip to Nepal coincides with this festival, you can enjoy them in Kathmandu before or after your Everest base camp trek in February.

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