Everest Base Camp Trek in April: Travel, Tips, Weather, Food, Routes and More

  • Dec 14, 2021
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Everest Base Camp Trek in April

Adventure trekking travel love to do Everest Base Camp Trek in good weather condition, the March- April month (spring) is a popular month for the trek in Everest Base Camp ( or Everest Base Camp Trek in April). Temperatures are generally warm at lower elevations and at the higher elevations over 4,000m visibility is excellent and the temperature is quite moderate as well as provides a lifetime experience walking holiday during the Everest Base Camp Trek in April.

Everest Base Camp Trek in April, during the spring season: March, April and May the meadows and forest will be in full bloom with riots of colors of wildflowers specially rhododendron comes in great varieties from bush to tall trees. Regarding my previous experience from the EBC trek in April-Nepal highly recommend this month to start the world’s highest Mt. Everest Base Camp at 5,364m.

Hereby Nepal Spirit Adventure shares some important tips to know about traveling to Everest Base Camp in April. This month is also suitable for Nepal Trekking and peak climbing as the famous Everest Expedition begins in April and finishes in May.

Weather in April

Before we start the travel, should know about the climate in their region, especially trekking in the Everest region is very important. April month is mid of the spring season is the most beautiful time to trek into high altitude zone. Weather conditions are perfect for trekking in the Everest region in April, days are longer and the temperature is warmer with a good combination dry season, you will get the climates became neither too cold nor too hot along the EBC trek in April while lowland elevations can be getting uncomfortably hot.

Temperature (Everest base camp temperature April) in the daytime raises up to 7 degrees Celsius while at night it decreases to almost -10 degrees Celsius. The air becomes dry so there are barely any chances of snow, the sky is mostly clear in April but the spring shower must occur at the lower altitude.

Naturally, the Everest Base Camp Weather in April is the perfect weather condition and offer you a wonderful view of the many snow-capped mountains, meadows, and forest will be in full bloom with riots of colors of wildflowers specially rhododendron come in great varieties from bush to tall trees which also makes your trek more adventurous and memorable in a lifetime.

Beautiful weather at Everest Base Camp Trek in April

Food and Beverage Cost

Food and Beverage are important on your trek holiday during the Everest Base Camp Trek in April. On the trekking route, there is sufficient place for drinks and food. Every restaurant provides different foods can able to choose from the menu, normally they serve western, continental, Indian, Chinese, and Nepalese fresh meals: DAL BHAT is a fresh and hygienic carbohydrate meal that comes together with a platter of steamed rice served with lentil soup, green fresh seasonable vegetables.

Beverage: On this high altitude trek, you require as much as possible drinks water, carrying a personal water bottle is top needed. Soft drinks, snacks, and beer are available in most of the tea houses' entire Sherpa restaurant, every day drink at least 3-4 liters of water a day to avoid dehydration and altitude sickness. Easily can get a bottle of mineral water from the teahouse, per letters water cost $1 – 2 dollars food and beverage cost will be different cost depend on high altitude place.

If possible avoid alcoholic drinks, smokes and coffee will not help your body make a comfortable trek for tomorrow; until back to Kathmandu this tip is only for your successful trek and my kindness for all.

Travel Trips

Keep in your mind travel and tips information before your plan Everest base camp trek in April. Hereby NSA provides general information about the travel trip in the following highlight.

Walk Slowly at Your Pace

While April is the perfect month for the EBC trek, you will be meeting so many trekkers from different parts of the world. Do not worry at all about other trekkers walking slowly at your own pace, “slow steady wins the race” as much as possible trek with a small group gives you more flexibility and privacy room along the trek. Trekking from lower to higher elevation you need to adjust with the air pressure of high altitude. If you try to hurry up, you may be the victim of Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS). Do not forget to consult your NSA guide while you are feeling uncomfortable sleeping and walking. There will be only one best treatment for the high altitude sickness that descends immediately from the event point.


Trek to Everest base camp at 5,364m it is not normal to walk you need to fully prepare exercise every morning at your country before you join this trip as well as felling always positive try to be way from social Media at the list for a couple of weeks. Regarding my previous experience better or compulsorily take two days of acclimatization: One day at Namche second day at Dinbuche both days will help you achieve EBC in a comfortable journey.

High Altitude Sickness

Everest base camp trek is a high-altitude foothill trek. While you are going to trek above 4,000 meters high from the seas level, there is a high chance to get altitude mountain sickness but if you follow some rules and precautions avoid these problems.

Nepal Spirit Adventure health experts suggest you drink plenty of water along the trek, which helps to avoid dehydration and circulation of enough oxygen in your body. They also suggest you trek at your own pace, which helps your body come to the current environment and air pressure. While you feel uncomfortable immediately inform your guide and descend as soon as possible from the event point.

Pre- advanced Booking

If you are thanking trek with join group basis trip organize by best trek company in Nepal? Do mind forwarding your EBC pre-advanced booking with the right company remember that everyone knows that April is the peak for Everest Trek in Nepal. Travels love to enjoy their holiday in good weather conditions (or Everest Base Camp Trek). During April month trekking trails get crowded by trekkers is affect also accommodation, food, drink, and Lukla flight. Thus, pre-advance booking for the Everest base camp trek in the month of April helps you find the first flight to Lukla, cozy and better accommodation, quality food, drinks, and the best trek guide.

April month is also the best time for the not only trek, but it is also popular for Everest Expedition and peak climbing in Everest, Khumbu region that’s why pre-advance booking is a top requirement for making your comfortable EBC trek.

Travel, How to Getting There & Away

Start the Everest base camp trek in April, the fast way of getting from Kathmandu to the Everest region is to fly to the small mountain airstrip at Lukla. It’s important to leave buffer days in your trip itinerary in case of delays leaving Lukla. Although the condition is generally favorable in November for flights to leave on time from either direction, don’t risk missing an international flight.

The alternative way, if you have more time on your hands, you could take the Pioneers Route from Jiri to Lukla. It’s called this because it was the trail that early western mountaineers took to access the Everest region before the Lukla airport was built. Times come and never wait for us, now we can take jeep transportation from Kathmandu to Kharikhola but this service is not available every month in a year. In enough time frame condition, you can take also a flight from Kathmandu to Phaplu and trek through the Solukhumbu region from there. Few trekkers these days take this trail, meaning you’re unlikely to see many other trekkers until joining the main trail in Lukla/Pakding.

Recommended Trek Routes

The classic Everest base camp trek is a classic for good reason, and if this is the route you have your heart set on April is a good month to do it, But, if you’d rather avoid the busy path, there are many alternative routes in the Khumbu in the Everest region that still offer wonderful views of Mt. Everest and friends, but without the crowds. The Gokyo Lake Panorama, Everest there high passes trip, Renjo La Pass Trek, Everest panorama trek EBC helicopter trek.

If you follow the EBC Helicopter Trek is also the best option which keeps you away from the busy path, start your trek from Lukla to Everest base camp then a helicopter ride to Kathmandu or other treks that sarong the main trails and head up different valleys are such a good design, may of the alternative routes overlap with the main EBC trek at places, providing the best of the worlds.

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What to Bring

In the April EBC trek, the days become warmer as compared to March month but morning and night still cold depending on the altitude zone, despite the global warming sometimes the weather opposite of regular prediction.

What to bring with you? A good three-season sleeping bag, a down jacket, merino base layers, and a rain jacket are important things to bring. Hereby NSA highly recommends that what to bring and pack trek equipment for Everest Base Camp Trek in April visit this article: Everest base camp packing list for April.

Event in April

Generally, Sherpa people do not celebrate Hindu festivals mostly who live in the Everest region are primarily Tibetan Buddhist in culture and religion. However, when passing through Kathmandu before or after your trek, you may meet Nepali New Year celebrations. Traditional celebrations follow a lunar calendar so their dates can be changed but Nepali New Year usually falls from mid-to-late April.

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