Everest Base Camp Trek in June

  • Dec 30, 2021
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In June month trek to Everest base camp is quite less crowded, climate zone in Nepal monsoon arrives mid-June. The early part of the month usually marks the end of Everest- climbing season, so climbers and other expedition members, trekkers retrace their steps along the Everest Base Camp Trekking route and back to Lukla. What to expect in the Everest region trek in June experience shared by Nepal Spirit.


The temperature in the month of June is hot in lowland below 2,000 meters and cools a day, cold in the morning and night along the Everest Base Camp Trek in June month. The monsoon usually arrives in Nepal in early June, and certainly, by mid-month, rainfall for June is lower than for July or August, but that’s mainly because the monsoon hasn’t yet hit in the first week or two of the month. Rain cloud and humidity build to uncomfortable levels in Kathmandu as well could not able to see the best mountain views during this time in Everest region.

Remember that once the rains have started, it doesn’t rain all day in every day along the EBC trip. If you are fully prepared for wet conditions and understand that humidity and rain clouds may unclear your views, as per my personal previous experience June is not the best time to trek in the Everest region (or Everest base camp trek). The benefit that you can get plus, the higher you go in altitude, the less likely the change of rainfall during June.

Accommodation & Foods

There is more than enough lodge-teahouse along the Everest base camp trek and get easily order any kind of food such as Nepalese, Indian, Chinese and continental in Sherpa’s local restaurant, normally breakfast and dinner are available in every teahouses-lodge where we make the overnight sleep. If we do not eat breakfast and dinner at an overnight place, the lodge will charge a high bill for the night stay because every lodge is also dependent on the food shell business.

During June month, all the accommodation will not be busy and easily can get the room along the Everest Base Camp Trek. Some teahouses will be closed due to monsoon and off trek season everywhere open trail would be busy crowd by tourist as like main season time March, April and May in Spring then September, October, and November in the autumn season. Always trek with an experienced guide that one of the best ideal and you can highly get the benefits is that they’ll know which of the best places are open in the low-season.

Recommended Routes

In June Trek to Mt. Everest Base camp (or Everest base camp trek in June): If you begin the trek in late May or early week of June, you might be lucky and not encounter much or any rain while trekking in the Everest region. Nevertheless, the building humidity is likely to obscure the best mountains and valley views.

If you trek later in the (June) month, you will certainly encounter some rainfall and as treks in the Everest region normally rely on access by air via Lukla rather than by road, the chances of encountering problematic landslides are minimized, but most people would agree that trek in the rain isn’t the most fun with enjoying the experience.

If you have your spirit set on trekking all the way to Everest Base Camp (EBC), you will probably find that it rains most at lower elevations part and walk to higher part you go, less rain there will be along the ebc-foothill journey. So, if you are eager to brave a few days of trekking in the rain, you may still be able to check out EBC itself in decent conditions.

A good trek route in the Everest region during June, could be the best way Everest 3 high passes trek and still you will get wet condition below 3,000m and above will not be affected but mountain views are not guaranteed can be able to see every day. The optional trip route that can be done the best start just for Namche Bazaar and for day hikes from there, and odd overnight hike if conditions are favorable, Namche Bazaar is required two days walk from Lukla. While you won’t make it all the way to Everest Base Camp, you will see experience some beautiful things as well as a very good chance you will catch some early morning or post-rain views not far from Namche Bazaar.

What to Bring

It is important to have good waterproofs for trekking in June, and enough changes of clothes that you do not risk having to re-wear the previous day’s wet clothes. May trekkers find an umbrella to be more convenient and comfortable for showers, though if it looks as though the rain is setting in for a while, a comfortable raincoat and even rain pants are a good idea for the trek to EBC. Before you have planned this trip, check out this handy guide to the packing list for a trek in the Himalaya: Trekking gear list for the Nepal EBC trip.

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