Patan City

The ancient city of Patan situated 5km southeast of Kathmandu, is known as the city of fine arts. The city is full of Hindi temples and Buddhist monuments. The diversity of the medieval culture that allowed both Hinduism and Buddhism to flourish has left a rich legacy of impressive sightseeing in the city for today's visitors either for domestic or international tourism it is the papular city for its ancient history of arts and gallery.

What You Can See in Patan

Patan Durbar Square: Patan Durbar Square is the main attraction in Lalitpur-Patan, the city of fine arts. The palace complex of Malla rulers is the home to well-preserved monuments of historical and cultural importance. Krishna Mandir, Keshav Narayan  Chowk, the Royal Palace and Royal Bath are masterpieces of medieval culture, Likewise, the palace complex is home to many ancient monuments dating back to many centuries.